The Decoy Bride (2011)

I only recently heard about this movie. It was so unknown, probably never even released properly in North America and most likely is the type of little film that went straight to DVD or Netflix. It got poor reviews online, the poster makes it look like another predictable rom-com stereotype and other than David Tennant it doesn’t have any major stars, but I had to watch it cause, like, DAVID TENNANT IN A ROM COM!

Lara Tyler (Alice Eve) is an actress marrying author James Arber (David Tennant) and in an attempt to foil the paparazzi they head to the distant Scottish island of Hegg and along the way, they get the only local spinster left in town Katie (Kelly McDonald) to act as a decoy bride. Yes, you all know how it ends but I suppose that’s the comfort of rom-coms. And I cannot say how much I adored it!

It’s really how the story plays out and it has everything to do with David Tennant and Kelly McDonald. The leads had chemistry and smarts and played their parts with such sweet earnestness and charm. Who knew David was so good at romantic comedies, it just shows his talent to excel in any type of movie. I enjoyed it and laughed and cried throughout. The scenery of the Scottish islands filmed mostly in the Isle of Man and Glasgow, was also a treat to see. It’s not very fast paced like American type of rom-coms but that was what I liked. It’s sort of reminds me of Leap Year (with Amy Adams and Matthew Goode).

Definitely to put on my list of great “bad” movies and a reminder to not judge movies by their lame covers. Great to see on a rainy afternoon.

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